Ask Yourself This:

  • Do I have a message that just needs to get out?
  • Has it been difficult to find a quiet place to write?
  • Can I work independently for extended periods of time?
  • Is my message empowering, relevant, and unique?
  • Do I want exposure to Leslie’s subscriber base of 20,000+ readers?
  • Is my message founded on true principles?
  • Do I want to create a book that is not just informative, but TRANSFORMATIVE?
  • Do I want my book to impel my reader to encourage others to read it as well?
  • Am I willing to communicate my message through the art of story-telling?


If you answered, “Yes” to these questions, you are a prime candidate for this opportunity.

Imagine getting “into the flow” and participating in the exciting process of creating a book. Imagine, just you, Leslie, and a small group of other authors for five amazing days, overcoming obstacles together at a beautiful resort

Here’s What Leslie is looking for:

Self-confident, easy-going leaders; self-starters with empowering, relevant and unique messages, who have an inspiring personal story, at least a little bit of experience speaking in front of a group, and who are READY and determined to make their book a reality!


Get 5 days of inspiration, focused action, and production. Includes 4 nights accommodations, meals, coaching, and training!

Limited to 10 participants. Join Leslie’s priority list to be notified when registration opens:

If you do not see this “investment in you” as a magnifier of your precious time and resources, but a DRAIN on them instead, then this is not for you. Don’t even worry about registering. Certainly this opportunity is not for everyone… it’s only for a small handful of qualified participants.

(Leslie has turned applicants away who were not ready for this.)

On the other hand, if you recognize this opportunity to be the very thing you’ve been looking for – a way to get your book out of your heart and into the hands of others – then….

Submit your registration now. This retreat will be upon us sooner than you think!