April 21-25, 2020
Chandler, AZ

Is there a book in you?
Do you need to get away?

Spend four days and nights at a beautiful resort getaway with award-winning, best selling author Leslie Householder and a small group of author-leaders with plenty of time to think, write, and strategizeboth one-on-one, and in a small, intimate groupabout your project. Let Leslie personally help you with your mindset throughout the process for optimal results. 

This unforgettable experience begins in just…


Specialized Training for Out-of-the-Box Thinkers

Dear Author-Leader,

(Because if there’s a message inside you that needs to get out, you’re a leader.) And if you want to write a book that will improve the lives of people all over the world, the right ideas flow more freely in a beautiful and quiet environment with expert guidance and support. Plus, focus is critical, and best maintained when interruptions are at a minimum.

Believe me, with seven children, I know. 

What might otherwise take a year or two (or ten!) can often be accomplished in just a short time, if the conditions are right. I’d like to share with you a powerful formula for maximum traction and momentum, especially for people who “DON’T HAVE TIME!”

However, an author can go stir crazy and experience burnout if there isn’t just a little bit of variety sprinkled in. So, I’m putting together a small-group workshop / training / retreat to help a small group of aspiring author-leaders make massive progress on their books, no matter where stage they are in in the process.

People need to read your book, even if it’s not ready yet, and you know it. That’s where I come in, to help YOU get your message out to those who need it most.

Having the right person as a sounding board is an indispensable piece of the process. Masterminding, brainstorming, even some silliness now and then can really get the juices flowing! When you join me for this event, you’ll have that critical sounding board as you create your book, because I am ready to help you make it amazing.

I look forward to working with you!

— Leslie Householder, award-winning, three time best-selling, international author of The Jackrabbit Factor, Portal to Genius, and Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters

Ask Yourself:

  • Do I have a message that just needs to get out?
  • Has it been difficult to find a quiet place to think, focus, and write?
  • Am I uncertain how to get it from where it is to where I want it to be?
  • Can I work independently for extended periods of time?
  • Is my message empowering, relevant, and unique?
  • Do I KNOW I need to write it, but have trouble getting it done?
  • Do I want exposure to Leslie’s subscriber base upon completion?
  • Do I want to know how to create additional profit streams from my book, even if it doesn’t get picked up by a publisher?

If you answered YES to the above questions,
you are a prime candidate for this opportunity.

What is your Goal?

What is your goal? Do you see your message impacting the lives of people worldwide? Does your message help people overcome a challenge? Is it bigger than you? 

Then let me help you get out of the way of it.

Imagine getting “into the flow” and participating in the exciting process of creating your book that will change lives. Imagine being with a small group of fellow author-leaders working together, making history, overcoming obstacles, experiencing massive progress, (and letting someone else worry about the food!) for four days and nights at this year’s beautiful Book Writing Retreat resort.

We’ll be hunkered down for a week, focused on writing—a perfect environment for inspired ideas (and a lot of fun)!

“One of the highlights for me was when we would walk back after you saying something complimentary about the book—what YOU got out of it—and I thought, ‘Wow, if it’s just in its rough-draft manuscript form, [and] you’re already going home and applying it in your marriage, then how powerful is it going to be when it’s finally cohesive and everything’s in its place?’ Big validation there: when you’ve been working on a project for a long time, and you’re not sure if the message is really strong anymore because you’ve heard it so much, to have an outside perspective come in and say, ‘Oh my gosh this totally rocks’. It re-magnetizes to me the message that, yeah, there’s validity in my message.” – Shannon Watt, WattsInTheWorld.com

Let's make your book... amazing fascinating impactful a page-turner profitable

“Leslie always seemed to know just what to say to help me organize my thoughts, as we discussed how I could convey them effectively to the reader. She provided valuable ideas that helped me ultimately decide the direction I wanted to go. I’ve been working on my book for a very long time and our days together at the retreat were both fun and productive. I’m happy to say that my book will finally be released later this year!” Carolyn Cooper, SimplyHealed.com

The Book Writing Retreat Agenda


3:00 pm – Meet me and my special guest experts for an orientation meeting and kick-off training; set up personal workspaces and get started right away! Meet for dinner (included), and schedule your one-on-one strategy sessions.

Tuesday – Friday

Write, write, and write some more! Enjoy “burnout breakouts” with empowering movies, leisure walks, mini-seminars, etc.  Brainstorm, discuss, and explore the best options for YOU in the writing process. Explore “next step” marketing ideas and strategies that will put you on track for success beyond this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Enjoy group trainings as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. Explore the beautiful amenities/environment, and enjoy your lodging and meals and at no extra cost.


Wrap up and return home. Check out by 11:00 am. Do not book flights out of Phoenix before 2 pm.

You Can Do This

Honor the spark you've been given. The message wants to get out! You wouldn't have it to share if there wasn't also a way for you to make it happen. Step by step you'll get there.

Think of the People

Have you ever thought about how many people are lost in this world, looking for what you know? Your job is to make it easier for them to find it. Once you've done your part, they will.

You're Going to Change Lives

If the message changed you, then your book will also impact individuals all over the world, one reader at time. In this day and age, there is no limit to who you can reach.

 “I already had my book written, but it just didn’t feel right. The most important thing was what you said the first day. It did away with some of the doubts I had in terms of, ‘Who am I to write this book, and to talk to other people? What credibility do I have?’ 

“It gave me a purpose, and it sustained me through the week. You [helped me] look at it from the angle of, I’m not just telling a story, I’m changing lives.” 

– Rose Pellar, author of A Gift in Every Challenge

(Rose, pictured two years later on the cover of
Canada’s Women with Vision Magazine)

It’s not just about getting your book done, it’s about making it amazing.


“I turned and said, ‘This is really good. I like reading my own book!’ Your comments inspired and … got me revved up again so I could forget the fatigue.” – Dino Watt, founder of
The Business of Marriage and ProPreneur Network

“This retreat was amazing. It’s probably the first time in my whole entire life I’ve held still and thought for five days in a row, and it’s your fault, Leslie. This event was actually awesome. I’ve gotten more done in these last couple days than I’ve done in my entire lifetime in writing. You stirred me to be creative! Thank you.

“I have a lot of information in my head, [so] I knew I needed to find some simplicity. I had my first appointment with you to sit down and talk about it, and you really helped me see quickly—I was amazed at how quickly—how to start it …And then, how to end it was beautiful. …You saw me, I was crying …and I hadn’t even written it yet. I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is perfect.’ You helped a lot in changing my life… Thank you Leslie for being smart.” Kirk Duncan, Body Language Expert & President, 3KeyElements


How Much Does the Retreat Cost?

I’ve put a lot of time and work into creating a powerfully productive and memorable event for you. To create the right environment for your maximum results, I keep my numbers low so you can get a lot of personal attention on your project. 

Based on my 20+ years of experience with goal achievement training, book publishing, internet marketing, best-seller campaign management, mindset and business training, speaking, entrepreneurship, and personal coaching, hiring me exclusively as a consultant for the same length of time would be an investment of over $10,000. The one-on-one book writing retreats I have held in the past were $12,000.

This small group format offers a more affordable opportunity: 

If this opportunity is right for you and your project, your investment is only $5950.

Of course, this opportunity is not for everyone. If you view this investment in your book as a magnifier of your time and resources, and not a drain on them instead, I want to hear from you. This is a way to get your book out of your heart and into the hands of those who need it most, with expert assistance and training designed specifically with leaders like you in mind. Are you ready? 

Submit your application here

My husband and I spent more than $150,000 on personal coaching and business training over the years. I wish I could have had an opportunity like this to help me in the early days. None of the programs we invested in ever offered this kind of value and personal attention to my book creation and marketing planning.

You will need your own laptop. Wireless internet service is available. Transportation is not included.

Don't Die with the Music Still in You

Too many people take their great ideas to their graves, and the world they leave behind never gets to receive the benefit of their unique and much-needed message.

You’ve been saying “one day I’ll write that book,” but what if “one day” never comes? What if your grandchildren never get to know the words that were in your heart, because they were buried with you when you died?

It has been said that the graveyard is the most valuable place on earth because it’s filled with people who took their massive potential with them to the grave.

“My co-author for Portal to Genius, Garrett B. Gunderson, wanted me to tell the author-leaders I work with that his close friend Les McQuire HAD carved out time to finally get his book done, but he perished in a small airplane crash at Utah lake two weeks before that date, and his book was never written.” — Leslie Householder

The world can never know what you have to say unless you put a priority on making it happen. It won’t happen by accident. It might not be easy, but it will be worth it.

Your only enemy is procrastination. If something inside of you is urging you to take action on this, right now, submit your application. Mark the dates on the calendar. If money is tight but you still feel compelled to apply, expect the way to appear. Use the principles you’ve learned from Jackrabbit Factor to find find the money. Goal first, way second.

Your book is a labor of love, and the people who need it most right now are being prepared through their life experiences to receive it. As you take those steps to bring it to them, they’re also finding their way to you.

Whether or not you attend the retreat, make the time to write your book

“The biggest thing I learned from being here was, [although] I came with an idea and something written of what I wanted to do …I didn’t think I would have to tap into deep emotions like you brought out in me. And in digging down, finding that raw emotion and writing it down, I realized it was [not only] therapeutic for me, but that it’s going to make me more relatable to the reader as they’re reading it. So that was a huge turning point this week for me when I realized I had to dig. I had to hurt again. Being in the energy of this group was amazing… every time we were together … I was benefitting from that as well. Thank you.” – Yvonne Kinghorn (1965-2015), A Message of Hope

“I completed the Mindset Mastery Program in 2009 and to say the least – it was life-changing!! … I have read so many self help books and participated in so many programs. However, it was when I read the Jackrabbit Factor and then Hidden Treasures that something clicked inside me. Leslie came out with the course a while later and was SO happy when I finally got it. [It] pushed me further than I have ever been pushed… I broke through so many terror barriers – it was awesome! During the fall… I was finishing the course, and I chose Leslie’s book writing retreat as my final exam. It was an unbelievable experience getting there. There were times I would cry and want to give up…

“Every time I was on the brink of giving up… words from the course would bring me comfort and give me strength. I would be at the end of my rope and each time I would be given one last idea that would bring me closer.“My faith grew SO much!! I relied heavily on prayer and inspiration… I wrote in my course journal each day. I wrote affirmations… I visioned being with Leslie. I pictured taking walks outside, sitting on the sofa, eating … (there were pictures online that helped).

“At the last minute, people and money aligned so I could contact Leslie and say, ‘I’ll BE THERE!’ I know it was where I needed to be. And since that time, it is confirmed to me over and over. I am on my way to greater things and I owe it all to these experiences and people.

“I love Leslie and Trevan!! And I am so grateful for their inspiration and hard work that has gone into the books, programs, and website forums. They are truly making the world a better place.” 

– Martina Muir, author Who You Are is Not What You’ve Done (working title, scheduled to be released in 2020)

I value your time

Time spent on a book is not limited to the actual minutes spent hitting the keys on your keyboard. Most of the time is spent closing your mind to distractions and focusing in on the concepts you want to convey. A small interruption pulls you out of “the zone”, and returning to it is not as simple as returning your eyes to the computer screen. A 7-minute interruption can easily cost you 2-hours or more of productivity. So, if you value your time and know how important it is to make every minute count, you’ll appreciate the time and money you’ll save GETTING THINGS DONE at this retreat.

Who I am looking for

I want to work with self-confident, easy-going leaders; self-starters with empowering, relevant and unique messages, who have an inspiring personal story, at least a little bit of experience speaking in front of a group, and who are READY and determined to make their book a reality! Enjoy the inspiration, focused action, and production. Includes accommodations, meals, coaching, and training.

What makes this retreat different?

One of the biggest advantages of this singular experience is the mindset training you’ll receive throughout the week, which is going to be key to completing a book with the “Amazingness Factor”, and for learning how to make it profitable, even if you don’t get picked up by a publisher. I’m a mindset coach first, because with the proper mindset, you’ll be able to accomplish any of the author goals you have in mind. The information you’ll receive from me and my own book coach (yes, also attending!) will really level the playing field, so that you don’t have to outshine other books or compete for publishers’ attention. Imagine, writing because you love your subject and the people who will benefit from it, and imagine getting paid well for doing it.

Your Investment

(upon application approval)
$ 5950 and receive:
  • Plenty of focused, supported, quiet time to work on your book
  • Daily meals, informal networking, feedback, brainstorming, specialized training
  • A special blurb about you in Leslie's newsletter upon completion of your project
  • Tried and tested resource recommendations, tips and tricks for marketing your book
  • One-on-one guidance from Leslie and other guest experts for achieving your author goals
  • 4 days / 4 nights lodging at a beautiful resort with Leslie and a small group of like-minded authors
  • “Burnout breakouts” – optional empowering movies, leisure walks, swimming, working out, snacking, etc.
Apply Now!

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