I completed the Mindset Mastery Program in 2009 and to say the least – it was life-changing!! I have been on a self improvement journey my whole life… I have read so many self help books and participated in so many programs. However, it was when I read the Jackrabbit Factor and then Hidden Treasures that something clicked inside me. Leslie came out with the [Mindset Mastery] course a while later and was SO happy when I finally got it.

This course also pushed me further than I have ever been pushed… I broke through so many terror barriers – it was awesome! During the fall of 2009, I was finishing the course, and I chose Leslie’s book writing retreat as my final exam. It was an unbelievable experience getting there. There were times I would cry and want to give up…

I gave it EVERY ounce of effort I could to get the money and be there. Every time I was on the brink of giving up… words from the course would bring me comfort and give me strength. I would be at the end of my rope and each time I would be given one last idea that would bring me closer.

My faith grew SO much!! I relied heavily on prayer and inspiration… I wrote in my course journal each day. I wrote affirmations… I visioned being at the cabin with Leslie. I pictured taking walks outside, sitting on the sofa, eating in the kitchen (there were pictures online that helped)…

At the last minute, people and money aligned so I could contact Leslie and say “I’ll BE THERE!”
I know it was where I needed to be. And since that time, it is confirmed to me over and over. I am on my way to greater things and I owe it all to these experiences and people I have met along the way.

I love Leslie and Trevan!! And I am so grateful for their inspiration and hard work that has gone into the books, programs, and website forums. They are truly making the world a better place.

Past Book Writing Retreat Highlights