Trying to finish a book? Need to get away?

Spend 5 days at a beautiful getaway with Leslie and a small group of aspiring authors with plenty of time to think, write, and strategize one-on-one and in a small, intimate group about your project. Let Leslie personally help you with your mindset throughout the process for optimal results.

It’s not just about getting your book done, it’s about making it amazing!

Imagine 5 days with a best-selling and award-winning author, and just a handful of other participants at a quiet resort to be inspired, to strategize, and to work on YOUR book!

Yes, FIVE days learning from, and working with, the author of The Jackrabbit Factor in a private setting, in person… not on a telephone call, not in an office… but just Leslie and a small group of other authors hunkered down for a week, focused on writing — a perfect environment for inspired ideas (and a lot of fun, to boot!).